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Bogotá is the capital and largest city of Colombia, it is located in the Cundiboyacense plateau and is part of the Andean region, it has a great variety of cultural, gastronomic and  historical wealth that makes it a unique and surprising destination . Its altitude  is approximately 2,625 meters and being surrounded by mountains makes its climate normally temperate with an average of 16 ° C and lowering the temperature a little more at night.

Why Bogotá?

Bogotá is considered the cultural epicenter of Colombia and has been consolidated as a great destination thanks to the variety of experiences it offers in terms of gastronomy, nightlife, nature, history and culture, including the great variety of events and activities. The destiny also have recreational and musical activities for all kinds of people who wish to visit the Colombian capital.


¿What to visit?

This city is an ideal destination for do all kinds of activities, since going to museums, visiting market squares and churches, to taking bicycle tours, going partying or tasting an amazing Colombian coffee, then we will give you some places you can visit in Bogotá



It is one of the most iconic places in Bogotá and one of the unmissable attractions during your visit to the destination.  This is a sanctuary located in the eastern hills, it offers a beautiful panoramic view of the entire city of Bogotá, and this is traditional and religious place.

To be able to climb this hill you have 3 options which are in the first instance the walking path, in case you want to live the experience better on foot. On the other hand, we find the funicular in case you want to go up and down from the hill more comfortably and finally the teleferico, in case you want to save time. The address to get there is Carrera 2da este n ° 21-48.

Gold Museum

This museum is located in the center of the city at Cra. 6 # 15-88 and has an extraordinary collection of pre-hispanic gold work, it is recognized for being the largest in the world.

The gold museum has a great variety of archaeological metal objects , stone, ceramics, wood and others. Is a wonderful collection that gives a testimony of the thought and history of the indigenous communities that previously habited the Colombian territory. It will be an ideal place to learn about pre-Hispanic culture and history.



La Candelaria is the historic center of the city,  were Bogotá was founded and it is an iconic place because it is characteristic for its beautiful and narrow colorful streets and colonial houses, many of which have been declared of historical and cultural interest. 

It is a very touristy place due to there are also a large number of museums, theaters, libraries, universities and others. Definitely the best way to enjoy the Candelaria is by walking it and observing its particular and unique architecture.


Botanical Garden


If you want a nature activity you can visit the Botanical Garden of Bogotá, named as José Celestino Mutis Botanical Garden, this is an urban park that has the objective of preserve plant species in the city of Bogotá, also this botanical garden works as a research area, It has an approximate area of ​​195,000 m² located in the town of Engativá at the address Cl. 63 # 68-95, this is an ideal place to be in contact with nature within the city. 

Plaza de Bolivar


It is an iconic place located in the center of Bogotá, this is the main square of the city, it was declared a Colombian National Monument, there it has a variety of commerce and others, also there have been several cultural and social events, in the Christmas month this is adorned with lights and others.

In the center of this square is located the statue of Simón Bolívar, the one who founded Colombia, it is an ideal place to meet and take unique photos.

Traditional Markets

In the capital of Colombia there are around 19 public market places, which are supplied from various parts of the country. There you will find a great variety of fruits, vegetables, flowers, crafts, aromatic herbs, among others. And at the same time you can enjoy the local and regional gastronomy, if you really want to know why Colombia is the second most biodiverse country in the world, visit a traditional markets. 

Some of the traditional markets that you can visit in Bogotá are: Plaza 20 de Julio (Carrera 6 # 24-60 Sur, La Concordia (Calle 12C # 1-40), Paloquemao (Avenida 19 # 25-04), Fontibón (Calle 19 # 103-26), Perseverance (carrera 5 # 30-30), Samper Mendoza (carrera 25 # 22a- 73)

What to do?

  1. Take a Graffiti Tour (Graffiti District) and see the huge murals that adorn the city
  2. Visit zone G, Zone T, Usaquén to know nightlife and rumba
  3. Meet Teatro Colón
  4. Bike tours
  5. Get to know the gastronomic areas of Bogotá such as: Usaquén, Zona T, Zona G.

Recommendations and tips

  • To  transpot you, you  have different options, from a taxi or Uber, to Transmilenio, sitp or bus. Try to use transportation apps primarily.
  • Remember that Bogotá has an altitude of 2625 m, probably if you are not used to the altitude you may feel fatigued or tired, try to rest a little and have something hot.
  •  Bogotá is a cold city so try to bring warm clothes or an umbrella in case you need it.