20 Cº





Distance from Bogotá

76 km

This incredible municipality is the capital of the province of Sumapaz and belongs to the department of Cundinamarca, it is also one of the most populated municipalities with a population of 134.523. Is an awesome destination for do a lot of things and different. Has an average temperature of 20 C°.

Why Fusagasuga?

This is an awesome destination for your trip to Colombia  because it has wonderful landscapes.

Fusagasuga is also a very welcoming destination in terms of its climate, its natural beauty is incredible and the amability of the people is the best. It also has several places for recreation, transportation, tourism and others that will make this destination a unique place.

Cafe Tour- Bogota City Bus


¿What to visit?

This town is an ideal destination for do all kinds of activities,will give you some ideas of places to visit:


Hacienda Coloma

Coffee Tour- Bogota City Bus

This wonderful farm allows you to know the whole coffee process and you can taste, smell and visualize this wonderful process, this is a unique experience that you must live in Fusagasuga and try one of the star products of the country.

Park Green & Water

Cascada- Bogota City Bus

This is an ecological tour which allows you to know the interior of a tree, caves, waterfalls and iconic species and animals such as the sloth bear, this experience will provide you with incredible landscapes characteristic of fusagasuga, definitely an experience that you cannot miss.

What to do?

  1. Try a wonderful coffee
  2. If you want to visit another natural attraction, visit the Natural Park San Rafael 
  3. On the way to fusagasuga you can visit the Salto of Tequendama

Recommendations and tips

  • Wear comfortable shoes to be able to walk and enjoy better the destination
  • Walk the awesome streets of Fusagasuga 
  • Use sunscreen, for protect you.
  • If you are going to visit the Park Green and Water , bring change clothes