Villa de Leyva


18 cº





Distance from Bogotá

165 km

This wonderful destination belongs to the department of Boyacá and is considered one of the most beautiful towns in Colombia due to its colonial architecture and its cobbled streets, it is also recognized for its history and its main square that is so colorfull and magic, this square is the largest in Colombia. Villa de Leyva has a great wealth and variety of natural landscapes since it has everything from moors, full of water sources to desert areas with a great variety of species.

Why Villa de Leyva?

This is an unmissable destination for your trip to Colombia because it is considered one of the most beautiful towns in the country, this destination has a great offer of historical, artistic, cultural, natural tourist attractions, among others that will make your experience wonderful, you can walk  the destination and be fascinated by its beautiful streets and colonial architecture where you will be able to photograph yourself and you will also find a great variety of activities to do, you will definitely not get bored.

Villa de Leyva01- Bogota City Bus

Villa de Leyva

¿What to visit?

This town is an ideal destination for do all kinds of activities,will give you some ideas of places to visit:


Blue Wells

Blue Wells-Bogota City Bus

Are an incredible artificial water wells located in the desert area a few kilometers from Villa de Leyva, there you will be able to access if you pay an additional amount  to know them and photograph yourself, they are water wells with an unique color that make the perfect contrast with the desert landscapes, without a doubt, it is an almost obligatory visit to Villa de Leyva.

Plaza Mayor of Villa de Leyva

Plaza mayor of Villa de Leyva- Bogota City Bus

It has an approximate area of 14,000 m2, which makes this one of the largest squares in America, where its cobbled streets and colonial houses and the Nuestra Señora del Rosario church are the principal attractive. Around the square you can find variety of hotels, restaurants, museums, souvenir shops, handicrafts, among others.  Is an excellent plan to visit this square and take incredible photographs.

Terracota' s House

Terracota's House- Bogota City Bus

This house is made of clay with 500 m2, this is considered the largest ceramic in the world.

Let yourself be surprised by this wonderful house and take incredible pictures with it. the largest pottery in the world.

Prehistoric Museum

Prehistoric Museum-Bogota City Bus

It is located on the Plaza Mayor of Villa de Leyva. It was founded in 1984 and focuses on the prehistoric and anthropological things. It has 25 sculptures of prehistoric animals and fossil found in Villa de leyva .


Paleontological Museum

Paleontological Museum- Bogota City Bus

The Paleontological Museum of Villa de Leyva focuses on exhibiting the past and present heritage of the country, but mainly of Villa de Leyva. Boyaca is one of the geographical areas with the greatest geological and paleontological interest in the world.

What to do?

  1. Ride quad bike to see blue water wells
  2. Take a bike tour of Villa de Leyva
  3. Practice extreme sports such as rappelling, canopy and others.
  4. Enjoy the gastronomy of Villa de Leyva and its variety of restaurants

Recommendations and tips

  • Wear comfortable shoes to be able to walk and enjoy better the destination
  • You will find within the destination tour operators in case you want do it  different activities
  •  The average temperature is 18 ° C, however it is worth wearing something warm in case it gets bad weather.
  •  Use sunscreen, as in most it is a sunny destination