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Distance from Bogotá

29 km

Zipaquirá is a municipality full of culture, history, nature and sports, it is located northeast of Bogotá in the department of Cundinamarca. Each street and each place in this destination helps to remember the colonial and indigenous times that were part of the history of Zipaquirá and Colombia. It has a weather very similar to Bogotá with an average of 16 ° C which means that it is a relatively cold destination. Its altitude is similar to that of Bogotá and this is a municipality with a population of approximately 130,432 people, as of the 2019 census.

Why Zipaquirá?

It is a destination that has a great variety of culture, gastronomy, history and attractions perfect for all audiences, it is also an ideal place if you want to be in a natural environment due to you will breathe and visualize all the green and nature that surrounds it, as well its gastronomy is very characteristic thanks to the legacy of past cultures and finally it is the destination that contains the first wonder of Colombia the Zipaquirá salt mine, this is the place that most attracts tourists to the destination because it is a unique attraction and surprising, do not stay without visiting it.

Zipaquira- Bogota City Bus


¿What to visit?

This town is an ideal destination for do all kinds of activities,  like going to museums, visiting  churches or know the salt mine. 

Salt Cathedral

Salt Cathedral- Bogota City Bus

Meet the first wonder of Colombia located in Zipaquirá, this is unique in the world and has a religious aspect. Inside the mine you will find various religious pieces carved in salt and marble. In 2007 this was called a wonder of the world, being the first in Colombia. It is an excellent religious attraction and at the same time, you can enjoy the architectural and artistic advances of Colombian architecture

Let yourself be fascinated by the first wonder of Colombia, what are you waiting for?


Diocesan Cathedral

Diocesan Cathedral- Bogota City Bus


This wonderful cathedral is Catholic and is located in the historic center of Zipaquirá, it is characteristic for its classic and romantic architecture, it will be an ideal attraction for religious tourism, there you can walk, pray, meet and take pictures if you wish.


Miner's Square

Plaza del minero- Bogota City Bus

The miner’s square is part of the salt cathedral and is an ideal attraction for photography since there is a statue and some other pieces with which you can take photos.

Independece Square

Plaza de la independencia- bogota city bus

Know this awesome square, it is a place with a great amount of history and it is also iconic in Zipaquirá, around the square you will find souvenir shops, restaurants and others, there you can photograph yourself and have a pleasant time while enjoying and learning about the history of Zipaquirá

What to do?

  1. You can visit the archaeological museum, if you are interested in knowing ancient archaeological pieces of the pre-Hispanic communities
  2. If you are interested in gastronomy visit the traditional market: Villa de la Sal 
  3. You can climb a wall in the salt mine

Recommendations and tips

  • The average temperature is between 12 ° C and 18 ° C, so try to bring warm clothes and an umbrella in case you need it.
  • Bring comfortable clothes if you want to walk or get to know Zipaquirá and its tourist attractions.
  • Zipaquirá is a destination with great cultural and historical wealth, giving you the opportunity to know more tourist attractions apart from the salt cathedral.
  • Zipaquirá is best enjoyed by walking and observing the streets and architecture
  • Don’t forget to try the traditional dishes of Zipaquirá.